Essential actions that will foster a shared understanding of goals, responsibilities, and accountability.

  • Launch a recovery and renewal committee and name a leader who is responsible.
    • The Committee should include leaders with oversight of the essential workflows in the roadmap. This may include deans, department heads, school counselors, social workers, and school nurses. 
    • The Committee must include parent representatives.
    • The Committee must include student representatives.
  • Assert a vision for the Committee’s work.
  • Institute a regular meeting schedule.
  • Assess where additional capacity and support may be needed from external partners and develop strategies for securing assistance.
  • Meet with key stakeholders to understand their expectations for recovery and renewal across health and wellbeing and academics  (e.g., parent-teacher association).
  • Establish a consistent check-in schedule between school and district-level recovery and renewal committees.
  • Build and release a “recovery and renewal budget” that outlines exactly where federal relief funds are being spent and the rationale for spending. For example, consider how much it will cost to staff summer school.