Essential actions that will foster a shared understanding of goals, responsibilities, and accountability.

  • Articulate a vision for recovery and renewal driven by the values of equity, transparency, and trust with measurable goals for the 2021-2022 school year and associated scenarios for the out years with actions to be determined based on final conditions.
  • Launch a recovery and renewal committee and name a leader who is responsible.
    • The Committee should include staff with oversight of the essential workflows detailed in the roadmap (this may include the Associate/Assistant Superintendent, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Academic Officer, Head of Student Health, and Head of School Counseling among others).
    • Where possible, the Committee should have a representative from each school in the district.
    • The Committee should include parent representatives.
    • The Committee should include teacher representatives.
    • The Committee should include students representatives.
    • The Committee should include representatives of out-of-school providers and community-based organizations.
    • Launch sub-committees focused on academics and mental health.
  • Define and assign roles and responsibilities. This may include creating subcommittees relative to essential actions within each workflow.
  • Institute a regular meeting schedule
  • Meet with key stakeholders to understand their expectations for recovery and renewal across health and academics (e.g., labor organizations, parents, and teachers).
  • Assess where additional capacity and support may be needed from external partners to support the Committee’s work. Subsequently, develop strategies, including procurement considerations, for securing assistance.
  • Build and release a “recovery and renewal budget” that outlines exactly where federal relief and state funds will be spent and the rationale for spending, including trade-offs (e.g., mental health vs. deferred maintenance).
  • Encourage the board of trustees to debate and finalize critical policies for 2021-2022 school year as early as spring (e.g., COVID-19 vaccination for staff, students, and service providers).